... Dear fellow Entrepreneurs!

We know that times are tough. Whether you are struggling to find a job, start your business, find clients or feed your family.

We want to help you! Which is why we bring you a collection of world-class practical business courses to help you start or grow your business!

The Mossel Bay Entrepreneurship Academy is an initiative to bring know-how to thousands of people to empower them with tools and skills to achieve what they want to achieve in business.

The courses are designed to help you in a practical, hands-on way to start and grow your business, whether you are a student, startup, small business, or a professional (lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer, artisan, farmer, etc).

All courses are free! The best gift you can give yourself is to invest in yourself. Because education & attitude create opportunity!

Ald Dirk Kotzé
Executive Mayor of Mossel Bay


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Considering Entrepreneurship?

If you're thinking about a different career path, perhaps you're jobless right now or you may have an idea for a brand new business? This is the site for you!

Here at THE MOSSEL BAY ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY, we have programmes for startups and professionals alike; we can help you gain customers and make business. Be sure to check out the courses on offer. They're all FREE.

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