Starting and growing a business is not easy

Setbacks are waiting for you around every corner

Yet most entrepreneurs have to pretend that all is fine. Keep the appearance that we are coping well.

This is a course to help you and empower you with the mental tools to cope with the inevitable setbacks that come with starting and growing a business

You'll lean what other entrepreneurs have done to cope with setbacks and difficult times, whether rejection, failure, lack of progress with the business or personal setbacks.
Meg Mateer

If you need HELP

"How to cope with setbacks" will help you cope and to bring you back on track.

How this is focused to help

you and your business

This course is focused to help you cope with difficult times.

By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding the tools, frames of mind and approaches that various entrepreneurs have used to cope with setbacks.

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I want you to succeed...

Too many entrepreneurs struggle with setbacks more than they should.

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons

    1. Introduction: why I developed this course and how it will assist you

    2. What I wish I had known before I began my journey as an entrepreneur

    3. Helping you to unlock the wisdom in your distress

    4. Unlocking the wisdom in your distress: as hard as it may appear at the time it is possible to make lemonade out of lemons

    1. How to navigate when the world is putting you (and your ideas) in a box

    2. How to find new ways of doing things when things are constantly changing

    3. How to speak your truth when no one else is

    4. How to embrace the unknown when the unexpected hits you

    5. How to break a cycle of secrecy and shame

    6. How to follow your gut when pain and grief show up

    7. How to use professional challenges for personal insight

    8. How to listen for deeper symbolic wisdom within your distress

    9. How to balance an extraordinary vision with practical daily actions

    1. A little thank you and a little message to help you on your journey...

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet your Instructor:

Meg helps entrepreneurs transform their distress into wisdom for personal and professional growth

Meg Mateer

Meg Mateer is a former global management consultant turned social entrepreneur and organizational psychologist. Her work focuses on helping high-performing, passion-driven professionals and organizations discover the wisdom within periods of distress and use it to help not only transform their lives and systems but also inspire new solutions to broader challenges. Meg is the founder of Empatiko (, a company that helps foster human connection in business and beyond by developing programs that explore strategic priorities in combination with deeper personal and relational discovery. She is also the host of the "Break Down. Wake Up." podcast and online group program (

Her approach is informed by ten years of experience in business strategy, change management, psychology, and learning design, including seven years of consulting at big 5 firms. Her projects are guided by learning from psychology, personal development, anthropology, inspiring stories from podcast guests, and her own life experience as an ambitious professional discovering the wisdom within her own depression and anxiety (two of her biggest teachers). Her work draws on teachings from Voice Dialogue, Jungian Psychology and Shadow Work, Deep Democracy, TheoryU, Design Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, and Liberating Structures.

She is dedicated to the power of diversity and thinking outside of the box in creating sustainable positive change and passionate about creating contexts and tools for mutual learning and group transformation.


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