30 seconds introduction to The StartUp Tribe

We are in a rush...

In a rush to fix the world. We see struggling entrepreneurs barely managing to survive. We are in a rush to help them have a lucky break.

We are in a rush to slow down and focus on what is really important. To learn to differentiate between noise and content. To react better to our environment and to grow fonder of the unknown.

We are in a rush to simplify life. To promote more what small businesses offer and make it more accessible to the many. .

We are in a rush to fulfill our contract to humanity for the privilege of being a member of the human race by sharing optimism, happiness and positivity with all those around us.

We are in a rush to find the secret coffee spots around the world and in the process discover this amazing world more. We are in a rush to enjoy the journey more than the destination...
We are in a rush to contribute — however small — towards raising the tide for all boats. To leave the world in a better state than in which we found it in.

We are in a rush to speak less and listen more. To bite our tongues when we think we know better.

We are in a rush to learn to let everyone create their own journeys and not try and influence them (too much).

We are in a rush to push the pause button on this ever increasingly always-connected-always-on world and learn to put technology away. To silence our secret master, the phone.

We are in a rush to become conscious about who we are, where we are and who we are with. We are in a rush to not rush. To do more with less.

We are in a rush to realise that there are only 28.470 days in an average life of 77 years, of which probably half are invested on growing up, sleeping and miscellaneous, leaving 14.235 days to enjoy to their fullest and that each hour spent is an investment and each person engaging with us is allowing us in their lives..
We are in a rush to wake up every morning amazed at what a world of opportunities we live in.

We are in a rush to appreciate the lows as much as the highs, for without the former we can’t appreciate the latter.

We are in a rush to use setbacks to grow as a person. To realise that smooth seas never a good sailor made.

We are in a rush to speak our hearts more. To stand for what we believe in and to respect that which others stand for, regardless if we disagree with them.

We are in a rush to play our part in life’s big orchestra. To become masters of our instrument and play it with all the skill and passion with which it deserves to be played.

We are in a rush to share a coffee cup with new people, listening to their journeys and perspectives.

We are in a rush to live each day as if it was the last.

Here’s to life’s speeding fines that all the rushers will earn. May you live a life of no regrets for the things you did not do.

Here’s to you: the ones who had the courage to be true to your dreams.

Some of our champions of small businesses...

...from over 23 countries

What we do

Our mission is to help 100 million people start and grow their businesses

"Education and attitude create opportunities."

We provide world-class practical, low bandwidth business education to help people in over 83 countries to start and grow their businesses. The student brings the attitude.

We do this by partnering with large organisations, communities, municipalities, cities, chambers of commerce, etc who are trying to tackle youth unemployment and small business venture creation.

Examples of how we work? With the City of Cape Town we launched the Cape Town Entrepreneurship Academy to their community of 4.9 million residents. You can see it at https://www.thestartuptribe.org/pages/capetown

What kind of courses do we offer?

Really good ones if the reviews are anything to go by!

There really is no point doing all this work if the people don't get real-world practical benefits out of the courses!

Our courses are completely focused on knowledge that can be used by the startup or small business immediately. For example, in the "How to find clients" course, the majority of the lessons are designed so that the student can use the knowledge immediately in their business to generate leads. You can try the course here https://www.thestartuptribe.org/courses/how-to-find-clients

All the courses are designed on the assumption that entrepreneurs don't have access to lots of resources or money so that - other than data costs - the knowledge can be used by just about everyone.

We also don't create advanced courses. Our mission is to help startups get started and small businesses to grow. We open the so proverbial door and then the student can decide to deepen their knowledge elsewhere on the numerous free resources available all over this big crazy beautiful world. For example, in our "How to start a farm" course (a course we designed to help those who have really nothing to start a small farm and create an income stream for themselves) our focus is to help learners understand what to do and get the first steps done, but we don't teach them all the different variations of crops they can choose and how to grow each one individually.

Who is behind this initiative?

A highly experienced team of seasoned entrepreneurs and changemakers

From ex-Goldman Sachs executives to serial entrepreneurs to experienced impact project specialists, the team behind this initiative has worked in many countries and sectors and brings a wealth of real-world experience to this project.

What makes us different?

Practical world-class free courses built on low cost distribution channels

From the start we designed this initiative to impact millions of people. This means we had to approach the challenge of creating and distributing great business education differently. Added to this we decided that we didn't want anyone to be disadvantaged by their financial backgrounds so all the courses needed to be free.

Today we are able to impact the lives of thousands of people on a daily basis on a cost basis that is incredibly low, which means we are not under pressure to generate big returns or push students to buy anything. This approach allows us to scale rapidly, be geographically widely available and bear virtually no software development cost.

There are a few secret ingredients added to this that we would like to keep private for now, but they relate around the execution of our impact ambitions.

How are we doing progress-wise?

A few numbers to give you a sense of traction

Launched officially in October 2020 (almost by mistake actually, but that's a story for another day), today (Sept 2022) we are active in 27 countries, supporting 400+ communities.

In 2023 we expect to reach 20 million people in over 750 cities.

(info updated 20 Sept 2022)