... Dear fellow Entrepreneurs!

Let's be real: no online course will ever solve all your challenges.

But with these really awesome short practical courses we hope you find the inspiration, resource or practical tip to help you get started... whether you are thinking of starting a business, struggling to grow your existing business or need help turning your business around.

This project is run by a lot of amazing people who are investing a lot of time in this initiative to help fellow entrepreneurs so please be kind to them when using the platform. We will never get everything right but with your help we can constantly improve it. Having said that, this academy is now used by over 421 cities and organisations across 27 countries so something we must be getting right.

The best thank you to the team of volounteers is to leave them a few kind words with the link below if you feel like it.

Wishing you the very best in your journey - no matter how much or how little progress you are making, in our books you are already our hero for trying.

Yours StartUp Tribe Family

How will these courses help you?

A short realistic look at what you'll gain (and what the limits are)

Education + Attitude = Opportunities

We bring the Education. You bring the Attitude

  • Free

    No ads. No subscriptions. No services to buy. We created this as a safe space for you to enjoy learning without worrying about being sold to.

  • Practical

    Lots of world-class practical short courses to help you start and grow a business. If you want theory go to Coursera, Udemy, etc. Our role is help you get unstuck.

  • Safe

    We protect your data in the same way we would want our own data to be protected. We do not sell your data. We don't track what you do outside of the academy as it is none of our business.

  • Pretty Good

    Let's be real: no online course is going to magically solve all your problems. But in these amazing courses we hope you find that practical suggestion help to get you unstuck and make progress towards achieving your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these courses really free?

    Yes. We don't sell anything. No ads. No subscriptions. No services or products. We created this to ensure that you have a learning experience that is free from any commercial angle.

  • How is this different from coursera, udemy, youtube etc?

    We recommend you use all platforms! There's no limit to where great knowledge can be found and consumed. But specifically to this question, in our experience working with entrepreneurs and innovators around the world (83 countries so far! Isn't that cool?) we found that most entrepreneurs are highly motivated and intelligent but just stuck in what to do on a practical level tomorrow morning. This is where we come in: our courses are designed to help you get unstuck!

    The majority of the courses are really short, practical and useful to get you going. But if you want to go much more in depth then go and find a course on the other platforms.

  • What courses do you have?

    LOTS! From how to start a business, how to find your first 10 clients (especially when starting out), how to grow your business, how to optimise your backoffice, how to deal with setbacks, how to decide if you have a good business idea, how to etc. You get the gist.

    On a side note: we choose the courses based on the most common challenges that you might face or will face. If we missed something let us know!

  • How can I contribute?

    We thought you'd never ask! Why don't you share your wisdom, experience and knowledge by video replying to a few questions? Use this link (it will take 10-15 mins). Your answers then will be loaded as a free course to all students. https://bit.ly/EntrepreneursShareYourKnowledge

  • I understand you prefer coffee to tea. Is that true?

    Yes. But we are compassionate and allow also tea drinkers to access these courses (this is a joke: we take what we do really seriously but not ourselves :-)