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The most important drive is your passion to own your destiny. Remember, there are no shortcuts for true success.
The 14 Day Entrepreneurs Challenge
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Welcome to your 14 Day Challenge!

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The 14 Day Challenge was developed from our experience and support to entrepreneurs in over 83 countries.
It is a series of questions to help you start your journey, and make decisions that will stand you in good stead down the line.

    1. Welcome to your 14 Day Entrepreneurs Challenge!

    2. Day 1 - Your Destination

    3. Day 2 - Your role in your company

    4. Day 3 - The things that distract you

    5. Day 4 - The hope zone

    6. Day 5 - Your Why

    7. Day 6 - The problem is...

    8. Day 7 - Your rules

    9. Day 8 - Defining success

    10. Day 9 - Dancing with your butterflies

    11. Day 10 - The day you walk away

    12. Day 11 - The inspiration for your journey

    13. Day 12 - On being vulnerable

    14. Day 13 - Enough is enough

    15. Day 14 - Time to commit!

    16. Congratulations

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Because entrepreneurship is neither a job nor a description:
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