Struggling with some aspects of your business?

In this course Rick Ed shares the answers to the most frequently asked questions around starting and growing your small (for now) business

With jobs becoming fewer and fewer entrepreneurship is becoming the only really viable option if you want to own your future

But while starting and growing a business can be confusing. In this short courses the entrepreneurship coach legend that is Rick Ed answers the most common questions by entrepreneurs. We hope you will find the help you seek in these answers!
Rick Ed

Course curriculum

    1. How much should I sell my products for?

    2. Should I give customers extra value or a discount?

    3. How do I turn my profit into cash?

    4. How do I pivot my business?

    5. Must I register my Business for VAT?

    6. How do I become more Organised and Productive?

    7. How do I finance my Startup Business?

    8. How can my Business make more sales?

    9. How do I get people to buy from my business?

    10. Is my Business paying too much tax?

    11. Do I really have to monitor my Business money flow?

    12. How do I know if/when my Business has made a profit? Part 1

    13. How do I know if/when my Business has made a profit? Part 2

    14. How do I know how much to charge for my services?

    15. How can I get access to Finance for my Business?

    16. How can I forecast how much money my business will have in the future?

    17. Can using the Business Model Canvas improve my business?

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Meet your Instructor:

Rick has been helping small businesses for many years

Entrepreneur Coach Rick Ed

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners to be more successful and achieve their business potential.

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