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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Kalnisha Singh

    2. Kalnisha's Work as a Development Economist

    1. The Importance of Entrepreneurship

    2. Understanding Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    3. Opportunities for Small Entrepreneurs

    4. Supporting Entrepreneurs: Corporates

    5. Access to Capital for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

    6. Different approaches to sustainable businesses

    7. Research and projects in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    1. Conclusion

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Meet your instructor

Development Economist Kalnisha Singh

I’m a versatile, self-motivated, proactive, extremely dedicated and focused individual who can be trusted to deliver solutions and work on concurrent projects and programmes for your unique business.

As a Development Economist and Sustainability Specialist, I have experience in developing and implementing transformation and sustainability strategies within the public and private sectors on a variety of topics, including Operation Optimisation; Transformation Strategy; Sustainability & ESG; Lean Efficiencies and Strategic Management.

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