Struggling to cope?

That's ok. You are not alone!

Starting and growing a business is not easy. You will face many a difficult situations and decisions to make in your journey and sometime the process can feel a bit overwhelming, especially in the invevitable times when things don't go according to plan.

While there is never an easy fix, sometime hearing other people who have been through difficult times and how they coped helps. In difficult times we often tend to worry more and concentrate even harder on the problem and in the process reduce our ability to think outside of the box and/or seek help.

We asked a number of amazing people - many of whom are really experienced - on advice they would give themselves around coping with the invevitable setbacks us entrepreneurs face. By hearing how different people coped we hope you will find the inspiration and ideas that you can apply to your own personal situation.

Setbacks are never pleasant but they often are a powerful - if somewhat harsh - way to move forward in business and life. So while right now you may feel overwhelmed remember to take a deep breath, watch a few of the shared wisdom clips and then go for nice long walks (fresh air and movement does wonders for your ability to see the bigger picture and start thinking of solutions). Do not sit and sulk on your own please! It won't help.

And remember: setbacks are just part of the cycle of growth and not a reflection of who you are. Learn, adapt and go for round two!

Advice on how to deal with setbacks and challenging times

Some of the people you will hear from:

    1. Alan Samuels

    2. Keneilwe Sarah Miffie

    3. Chris Rowland

    4. Tawanda Ndlovu

    5. Keith Jones

    6. Thamendrie Vermaak

    7. Jameel Khan

    8. Tshegofatso Motene

    9. Michael Nyenes

    10. Marelise Jacobs

    11. Phillip Kassel

    12. Harmony Botya

    13. Pierre Kriegler

    14. Qhubekani Maphosa

    15. Thatoyaone Moepetsane

    16. Vhuawelo Fortune Makhuvha

    17. Babatunde Samuel Akinsola

    18. Darryl Moss

    19. Dave Henderson

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