Figuring out who you are isn't easy!

... and even more so communitating this to the world.

Entrepreneurs are starting businesses at a faster rate than ever, yet most haven't invested in really understanding themselves well enough, thus leading to a mistmatch between themselves and what they are good at and the business they are starting.

This is a course to help you and empower you with the understanding of how to figure out what you are good at and how to communicate this to the world.

You'll lean how to understand yourself better and figure out what makes you unique especially in the context of turning this uniqueness into a competitive advantage in the big world of business.
Dr Kent Gustavson

What you will find in this course

    1. Introduction

    2. What you will be learning with this course

    3. Build your own brand

    4. Understanding what makes you unique

    1. How do you present yourself in business

    2. Business ideas and biasness

    3. Knowing who your target audience is

    4. What you would like your target audience to think about you

    5. What you would like your target audience to think about your product

    6. What does your target audience want/need VS What you think your target audience wants/needs

    7. Explaining what you do to others

    8. How would you like to impact the world?

    9. What would people say about you?

    10. Being able to change your product to suit your customers

    11. Final steps - Get started

About this course

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  • 15 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet your Instructor:

Kent helps people all over the world be the best they can be

Dr Kent S. Gustavson

Speaker on international stages about innovation and entrepreneurship. TED Speaker. Speechwriter & speaking coach for executives & Fortune 500. Worked with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs. co-authored over 50 books.