Let's be frank...

Most first time entrepreneurs and startups are novices in the world of business. That's not a reflection of their intelligence or expertise, but just that - as a general rule - entrepreneurship is very much learned by doing and not by reading (though certainly researching does help soften the inevitable blows along the journey).

As "novices" you will be a natural target for advisors, consultants, investors, partners, resellers of solutions and services, etc. You will be swamped with suggestions of how this productivity tool will save your life, this SaaS service will magically transform your business, how this entrepreneurship methodology is the one with the best chances of success, etc. You will be a natural magnet for startup and SME consultants (to be clear: there are some truly amazing ones out there!) and experts giving you advice.

This course is a collection of some of the best podcasts, youtube and resources to help you learn the tricks, tips and skills to think more critically. All in one place so you don't have to search all over for it.

Don't do all the lessons in one go. Do one, think about it, discuss it with friends, and then move on to the next one! But most importantly, have fun!

Course curriculum

    1. Learn how to spot a scam (useful in life in general)

    2. Understand your relationship with your business.

    3. Learn how persuasion really works so you can spot it (and also use it for your own business)

    4. How to use your business size as a competitive edge

    5. Learn the art of packaging messages... So you can spot them a mile away

    6. How to learn what you don't know.

    7. Learn how to outsmart your reptile brain

    8. Learn how to monitor your natural overconfidence.

    9. Understand yourself better, especially the fact that you do not yet know what you want

    10. Beware of productivity and organizational porn!

    11. Be careful of processes and systems!

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