What can you expect from this course?

Course content

    1. Introduction to workplace violence and harassment, what it is and what you can expect from this course

    1. What is discriminatory harassment

    2. Why does no one speak up about harassment? A peek behind the curtains

    3. How can organizations prevent harassment?

    4. A survivor centered approach

    5. Why it pays for your organization to be proactive

    6. How to help someone who has been a victim

    7. What can a small business do?

    1. Tips for victims of violence and harassment

    2. The impact of Trauma on productivity and wellbeing

    3. Domestic abuse and gender based violence happens in the workplace too

    4. Verbal harassments

    5. What does harassment look like

    6. Behaviors of workplace violence

    7. Verbal harassments

    1. Wishing you well, courage and strenght

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Paula Quinsee

Paula Quinsee, the founder of Engaged Humans, has worked in the personal development space for over 12 years, assessing individuals and teams, facilitating, workshopping, and empowering many kindred spirits that seek to change their situation.

She is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy Educator and Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, PDA Analyst, Coach and Trainer, and has completed Brene Brown’s Dare To Lead training.

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