Finding funding to grow your business is not easy

But it also doesn't need to be harder than it is

For many years my organisation and I have helped thousands of small and medium sized businesses to access financing.

This is a course to help you and empower you with the understand of what is realistically achievable, how financing tools work and how to access them

Financing vs funding: the difference is huge. When you find funding (i.e. an investor) you have to give up a chunk of your company for a specific amount. This is great if you need the investors' expertise on board and some capital to get started. Yet funding will not help you to grow your business because you will always need financing along the route (think about that big order you got where you struggled to find the finances to fulfil it before getting paid). Setting your company up so that it is attractive to various financing options is the best gift you can give to the sustainability of your business
Meg Mateer

I want you to succeed...

Too many entrepreneurs struggle with finding financing... more than they should.

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons

    1. Introduction

    2. How to manage your expenses

    3. How to manage your cashflow

    4. How to choose the right system for your business

    5. Keeping your personal life separate from your business

    6. The costs of running a business

    7. How to use accounting so sell your business

    8. How to use your bookkeeping to get access to funding

About this course

  • 8 lessons

Meet your Instructor:

Gareth Price

I completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Sciences at the University of Cape Town and qualified as a CA(SA) in 2012. Immediately after finishing my articles, I started Cloudworx Accounting Solutions. While dealing with clients struggling to find the financial support they need, I decided to start Investmint, a crowdfunding initiative to help build the SME economy. I am also employed as the Finance Director at Black Marlin Distribution, a company specializing in the cycling industry. In my spare time, I’m a sports fanatic with multiple 70.3 and Ironman medals to my credit. To connect with me visit or my company website at