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Without real clients, a business is just a hobby. A steady stream of clients is one of the most crucial parts to run a successful business.

But it is also seems the most daunting and confusing a task for most business owners.

Learn what works best to help you get commercial traction. We'll turn you into a powerful lead generation machine!
York Zucchi

How this is focused to help

you and your business

This course is focused to help you access markets to get your foot in the door, which is often the biggest stumbling block in getting commercial traction.

By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding how lead generation works, with the practical knowledge to make this work for your business.

Expect substantial interactive material and hand holding but you will still need to do the work. The reward is real and measurable progress with know-how you can  deploy immediately in your business. 

We'll make you a confident lead generation machine.

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I want you to succeed...

Too many entrepreneurs struggle with finding clients. It doesn't have to be like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for: / People with a business idea or early stage startups with close to zero or just a handful of clients. / For small and medium sized businesses (also known as SMEs) / For professional service providers (eg. lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, website developers, etc). / For people who are struggling to get a foot in the door after a long time looking for economic opportunities.

  • What this course is not...

    This is not a course on closing sales or improving your negotiating skills. It is not a social media marketing strategy course nor a pricing your services and products course. It is also not a sales team management course.

  • How many people have taken this course?

    Since launching in August 2020 over 3.800 people have taken the course and the feedback has been phenomenal, with entrepreneurs thanking how it changed their lives.

  • Is this course new?

    Yes and no. The course was developed around York Zucchi's global expertise in this subject (access to markets). He has done over 500 workshops, lecturing engagements, speaking events and webinars around this topic and helped SMEs in over 83 countries. He had worked with organisations and governments on developing SME support ecosystems and has learned a lot of what works and what doesn't for entrepreneurs. That knowledge is distilled into this course.

  • How easy is this course?

    The course is designed to be accessible, free from jargon and highly practical. Just about every lesson is created with the aim to have an outcome at the end of the lesson that can be applied immediately to your business and start generating leads for you. The lessons teach you the theory, explain why and then show you - via video and text - how to implement that knowledge immediately to your advantage.

  • What do I need to do the course?

    The course is designed so that all you really need is a tablet/laptop/computer (though a few students have actually done it via their phones... bless them!) and pen and paper. You won't be asked to buy anything or use any tool, software or app that requires any investment. You will learn to use technology to your advantage at no extra cost to you.

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons including free previews

    1. Welcome to your Access to Markets course!

    2. Realism vs optimism: how long it really takes to win customers

    3. The lead cycle: think like a customer

    4. Insourcing vs outsourcing

    5. Outcomes: what you can expect and what you shouldn't expect from this course

    1. Introduction

    2. What do you solve?

    3. Create your case studies

    4. Who are your customers?

    5. Creating your reputation

    6. Building trust - creating testimonials

    7. Summary

    1. Introduction to lead conversion

    2. The psychology of persuasion

    3. Designing your conversion page: engineering your 'hook'

    4. Setting up the hook for you... you have to start somewhere. Linkedin

    5. Creating your attention grabber (Canva 101)

    6. Setting the trust base: your "About" section

    7. Re-engineering your history: making your CV work for you

    8. Projects you worked on and why they matter more than you think

    9. A word about consistency... Don't confuse your potential customers!

    10. Your email signature... a missed opportunity

    11. How to use Twitter

    12. The tricks you are missing out on facebook

    13. Business cards? Really? Yes. Really

    14. Maximizing your whatsapp addiction

    15. TikTok & Snapchat

    16. Instagram, the dying beast (but not yet dead so use it for your advantage)

    17. Forget websites... what you need are:

    18. Choosing the right weapons...

    1. Introduction: what are engagement bridges and why should you really really care

    2. EB1: What are you working on

    3. EB2: What are you looking for

    4. EB3: What are you struggling with

    5. EB4: What did you learn from previous projects

    6. EB5: Advice for a friend

    7. EB6: Industry insights: pulling back the curtains

    8. EB7: Sharing is caring

    9. EB8: Recommendations

    10. Some tips and comments to save you from making my mistakes

    1. Introduction: a world of opportunities awaits you

    2. Free or paid? Go for free

    3. How to set yourself up for the next 3 months

    4. Websites are outdated

    5. Tracking is everything. CRM or no CRM?

    6. How to manage your pipeline...

About this course

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  • 46 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Meet your Instructor:

York has helped small businesses in over 83 countries

York Zucchi

In a career spanning 27 years across over 11 countries, creating projects & businesses that have impacted people's lives in over 83 countries, I'm one of the luckiest people I know: doing what I love most, which is making a difference.

I am passionate about leaving the world in a better state than we found it. To this end, I am involved in a number of initiatives, including the Global Centre for Unconventional Entrepreneurship. More specifically my expertise is on the topic of access to markets.

It is a science to know how to find clients; without those you don't have a business!

I've presented over 500 workshops, speaking engagements and seminars in this space over the last few years, to thousands of SMEs. The biggest live workshop which I did in 2020, had over 13.000 participants!

Together with my partners, I have done a lot of research and this course is really a culmination of all that knowledge, observations and experience for your benefit.

And in case you wonder if I am just a lecturer. No. Since graduating from University 21 years ago I’ve generated over USD 11m in direct sales and at least USD 420m in indirect sales (where I worked together with others). So when I speak about this topic I am speaking from foundation of results and experience as well as research.