Serious about growing your business?

This is a course to help you reduce the time you spend on admin and create processes and systems that allow you to scale exponentially.

If you think starting a business is challenging try managing the growth of one!

Most of the professionals and small businesses we have supported over the years didn't struggle because they weren't brilliant, but mostly because they didn't know how to set up their processes and systems in a way that would allow them to scale.

As an organization that supports small (and growing) businesses and professionals to set up systems and processes we know what works, what doesn't. We have also learned what great processes can do to a company's bottom line (less admin time, costs and fewer missed opportunities as well as faster turnarounds of queries, orders, and follow-ups).

Of course, no process or system will ever replace your brilliance. But investing a little time upfront setting it up can have enormous implications for your efficiency down the line.... and make you more attractive to potential investors (investors want to know that your business can scale without you always being there) as well as make it easier to bring on board new team members.

We hope the course will help you. If there is anything we can help with feel free to reach out!

Claire and Paula
Paula and Claire

What you will find in this course...

Practical lessons to help your business scale

    1. Spending more time on revenue generating activities

    1. Filtering out uninterested parties

    1. Establishing robust sales process

    1. Establishing robust sales

    1. Being consistent on Social Media

    1. Digitalizing your documentation

About this course

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  • 10 lessons

Meet your Instructors:

Instructors Claire Houston and Paula Kokare

We help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses focus on what matters most for their growth by delegating the most tedious and time-draining tasks.

Both of us grew-up (professionally speaking) in large corporations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, PWC, Hilti and The Adecco Group where we saw and experienced the benefits and challenges to both employers and employees of the traditional hiring model. About us We have been imagining a different approach to talent acquisition, where organisations don’t purchase time, but outcomes. Of course, the freelance market was already in existence, but in its current state, is so complex that it doesn’t allow for effective collaboration with the fast paced start-up world – and so the dream of a simpler, more effective and more premium marketplace was born (and simply named Houston & Ko).

Today, despite many wonderful differences between us – we both share the same passion and commitment to the deep understanding and unlocking of potential from the freelance marketplace. In fact, we believe so strongly that this model really is the future of work, that we now work exclusively with our hands-on team of freelancers to grow and run our own business.