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    1. Introduction

    2. Course Explanation

    1. Celebrating uniqueness

    2. The purpose of Human Design

    3. Basics of your Design / Getting started

    4. Diving deeper into your design

    5. Energy types

    6. Human Design resources

    7. Change in our lives

    8. Exchanging energy

    9. Understanding relationships

    10. Benefits for businesses

    1. Conclusion

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Dana Goren

As a 5/1 Sacral Generator, I let my Sacral responses guide the way for 30+ years until it led me to Human Design, which I now use to fuel my passion of helping people live a happier, easier, more aligned, and meaningful life.

After 17 years in Advertising, Design and Tech where I got to work with people to maximize their potential, I'm now focused on this full time through co-active coaching and Human Design readings.

You can find me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/danagoren

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