Have you ever thought about starting a farming business?

We will show you how!

Just about everyone can start a farming business: whether you live in a tiny cottage or on a small plot of land. And it doesn't even require funds if you use a little ingenuity.

A farming business means being able to create an income. In this course we show you how easy it is; Not only how little you need but also the practical steps to starting, growing and selling. Explore our tips on how to manage your small agri business.
Dr Naude Malan

Start Your Agri-business TODAY!

Create Your Income
Own Your Destiny
Feed Yourself & Your Family
Be Independent

Our Focus to Help YOU

Start Your Agri-business!

This course is focused to help you start your own farming business. 

You will have a clear understanding how to start a farm,  how you fit into the bigger picture and how to sell your produce & generate income, with  practical knowledge to make this work for you.

The lessons are practical, short & easy to understand to help you start your journey. But you will still need to do the work. The reward is real & measurable progress with know-how you can deploy immediately in your life. 

We'll make you a confident lead-generating machine.

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A message to farmers...

We want you to succeed

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons including free previews

    1. Welcome to your "How to start your farming business" course!

    2. About your instructor: years of on-the-ground experience at your disposal

    1. Your farming business plan

    2. Deciding what you are going to farm

    3. The production systems on your farm

    4. Farm waste: the hidden opportunity all around you

    5. Understanding energy systems and how you can make them work for you

    6. Understanding water and turning it to your advantage

    7. Selling what you produce

    1. Creating a business plan

    2. Why your vision and mission matters!

    3. Your operations

    4. Your production systems

    5. Your financial systems

    6. Your enterprise

    1. The circular enterprise: why knowing that it is can increase turnover and reduce costs

    2. What is a circular enterprise?

    3. The opportunity that is right in front of you

    4. Traceability and why it matters more than you think

    5. Marketing and distribution

    6. Biological processes: a primer

    1. Fundamentals of farming design

    2. A message to farmers

    3. A message to those who think they don't have much

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Your Instructor

Dr Naudé Malan has helped thousands of people become farmers!

Senior Lecturer Dr Naudé Malan

Dr. Naudé Malan is Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the University of Johannesburg. He is the convener of the multi-stakeholder engagement project Izindaba Zokudla that aims to create opportunities for urban agriculture in a sustainable food system in Soweto. The project engages with and links urban farmers, entrepreneurs, academics, civil servants and other stakeholders and aims at participatory technology and enterprise development.

Naudé has published on the South African social welfare system, agriculture and human rights and recently has developed social methodologies for agricultural development, institutional innovation and technology design for urban and small-farmers. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for African Studies at Cambridge University.

He has taught in the Faculties of Humanities, Art, Design and Architecture, Law and Engineering at the University of Johannesburg.
iZindaba Zokudla: Innovation in the Soweto Food System
https://www.facebook.com/IzindabaZokudla/ https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Naude_Malan https://johannesburg.academia.edu/NaudeMalan


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