Find customers is not easy...

Especially right at the beginning of your journey!

Most advice and material out there is aimed at those who have already some degree of traction. But your finding (and winning) your first customers is an entirely different ball game.

This is a powerful practical short course based on the work I have done (and still do) with countless founders around Europe and other countries around the world.

As a founder you are in a uniquely challenging situation in that you have no clients, no traction and often nothing yet to really show and - in some cases - not even a network to tap into. In this course you'll learn everything about founder-led sales and how you can be the best testimonial for the product or service you offer in order to win your first 10 customers.

I want you to succeed...

Let me help you find your first clients today!

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons

    1. Welcome Dear Founders!

    2. What is sales? And why understanding this will really help you (maybe more than you realise)

    3. Understanding why YOU are more relevant than you might realise!

    4. Do you know who your customer is?

    5. "The money is in your relationships" - find out what that means!

    6. The secret sauce in your sales process: your authenticity!

    7. Why you need to "feel it" in order to "sell it"

    8. Do you remember why you launched your busines and what you and your business stand for? It matters!

    9. Why "feeling it" is so crucial if you want to "sell it"

    1. Congratulations! Now celebrate and share your success (and why it matters)

About this course

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Meet your Instructor:

Regine is here to help founders land their first customers

Regine Harr

Regine has a BA in Philosophy and Economics as well as an LLM in Law and Economics. She worked as an Investment Banker in London before moving to Bangladesh in 2009 to complete a Micro Financing course at the Grameen Bank. In 2010 she started her start up life, graduated from the Founder Institute, founded several companies, from an E-commerce shop, to a fashion platform, to a SaaS product.

Regine experienced the whole cycle of a start up life, from idea, to raising funding, to gaining traction, to signing global agreements (with EY, Deloitte and KPMG) and to ultimately selling the company. Along the way she learned the importance of founder-led sales.

Now she mentors, runs workshops and has an online course on sales for startups.

She believes that sales is what makes the world a better place, because if we do not get to share the great products and services we develop with the world, the world cannot become a better place, which, right now, is the most important thing to achieve.

You can find more about her at or connect with her on LinkedIn at


The course is our gift to you. Because your success matter!