Struggling to decide if your business idea is good?

That's absolutely normal! Many entrepreneurs do!

Deciding if to pursue a business idea or not is an important decision that will cost a lot of time, energy and money, so trying to understand if your idea is good is quite important.

But asking around you will encounter a lot of different views and opinions, often by people who mean well but don't really have the credibility of expertise to be able to really help you.

We come from the school of thought that the best deciders on whether you have a good business idea are your customers. Not you. Not your friends. Your customers.

But sometime it is difficult to get customers (or prospective customers) right at the beginning while you are still thinking of your business... So we went out and asked a whole bunch of amazing individuals their advice on how they decided if they were pursuing a good idea or not. By sharing their (different) advices we hope you will be inspired to look at your own idea through different perspectives and in that process help you see clearer.

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The people you will hear from in this course:

    1. Alan Samuels

    2. Keneilwe Sarah Miffie

    3. Chris Rowland

    4. Tawanda Ndlovu

    5. Keith Jones

    6. Thamendrie Vermaak

    7. Jameel Khan

    8. Tshegofatso Motene

    9. Michael Nyenes

    10. Marelise Jacobs

    11. Phillip Kassel

    12. Harmony Botya

    13. Pierre Kriegler

    14. Qhubekani Maphosa

    15. Thatoyaone Moepetsane

    16. Vhuawelo Fortune Makhuvha

    17. Babatunde Samuel Akinsola

    18. Darryl Moss

    19. Dave Henderson

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