Retrenchment is almost always a shock

It impacts us both financially and emotionally-and often, we don’t know how to handle it.

Yet most of us try to pretend that everything is fine. Keep up the appearance that we are coping well.

This is a course to help and empower you, using practical tools to help you cope with the inevitable rollercoaster you’ll be going through, both during and after the initial shock.

You'll learn what other people have done to cope with retrenchment, what works and what doesn't - and in the process you'll see that even if it’s really painful - retrenchment can be a blessing in disguise.
Claire J Gilchrist

If you need HELP

This course will help you cope and to bring you back on track.

Meet your Instructor:

Claire J Gilchrist

Claire works as a life coach, facilitator, mentor and speaker-and has an extensive 30 years of experience in the coaching, education, business and arts fields.

She is also an across-the-board counsellor, working with adults and young adults in a variety of fields, specifically trauma and disorders; and is currently focusing on research for her doctoral degree in the specialised field of “Frequency Balance™”.

You are not alone

We want to help you cope and even thrive!

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