What we do, explained in 30 seconds

What kind of impact do we make?

Straight from our community:

A big impact on my municipality

by Mayor Marlene Van Staden

"Partnering with the StartUp Tribe has enabled me, as a Mayor, to make an enormous impact on my community."

Wonderful partnership

by Dave Wilson, CEO of the National Mentorship Movement

"We are proud to partner with The StartUp Tribe. Their work is vital to developing entrepreneurs in economies like South Africa's!"

Fantastic courses

by Blondie Matshata

"The course was brilliant. Learnt so much about things I overlooked and took for granted. I hope those who are rebuilding - like me - can experience this. It was awesome!"

It is changing my life.

by Thabo Emmanuel Petros Magagula

"I just finished the "How to find clients" course. It will really make an impact on my work!"


by Wayne Eslin

"Was a good and inspiring with a lot of food for thought. Thanks for the initiative and hope this will help many entrepreneurs on their way to success."

Great advice!

by Victoria Rowe

"This course gives you the confidence to do what you have to do. Thank you and great job!"

Vital information.

by Johannes Sikhosana

"Wonderfully put together information which is vital for each business to succeed."