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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The offer to your Municipality

    A free custom branded Entrepreneurship Academy (name can be changed as you wish) to help unlimited people in your community and surrounding areas to start and grow their businesses.

    The aim is to help you tackle youth unemployment and support SMMEs at the touch of a button 24/7. If you like - with absolutely no commitment - we can create a fully functional mockup of your academy for you to get a sense of how it works.

    Just email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can see one (and try) one of our many existing academies - one example being:

  • How it benefits your Municipality

    It allows you to help unlimited people at the touch of a button, 24/7 at a pace which the entrepreneurs can cope with.

    All the courses are designed for low bandwidth phone first environments. The lessons are created to be short, very practical and help people do something tomorrow morning.

    This is a powerful tool to help young unemployed people, people who have been retrenched, people who want to start or grow their small businesses at the touch of a button.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    You advertise the link (posters, social media, leaflets, etc) and we do all the rest. There no financial or human resources needed on your side.

    Once a person is on your custom branded Entrepreneurship Academy we help them, support them, motivate them to continue, show them resources, etc.

  • If it is free, what's the catch?

    Is it really free? Yes.

    We can do this because a) our running costs are covered by a yearly grant by a foundation and, b) we do this cleverly by using modern technologies and micro-course creation approaches that are developed in-house thus keeping running costs low.

    This allows us to create a safe environment where entrepreneurs don't need to worry if we are selling them anything.

  • Track record?

    Currently supporting 312 communities in 27 countries.

    Our courses have been critiqued and panel beaten by people who don't have time for "nice to have courses" but need real practical knowledge they can use immediately.

    We will reach 12.5million people in 2022 and our ambition is to support 50 million people by end 2023.

    Here are a few examples of the academies we have setup for various municipalities in South Africa:
    The Modimolle-Mookgophong Municipality (ca. 350.000 residents in broader Waterberg region) -
    The Mogale Municipality (ca 360.000 residents) -
    The Kouga Municipality (ca. 115.000 residents) -
    … and many others including BrandSA -

    You are welcome to reach out to various Mayors anytime to ask how the academy worked for them in their municipality.

  • The perfect solution?

    Absolutely not. No online course will solve all the problems. But at least it helps unlimited people to get started or be a little wiser in their entrepreneurial journeys than they were yesterday.

    Additionally, even if we kept the courses to as low bandwidth as possible it still means that people using them will need a basic internet-friendly device and access to wifi. So for some people even this will be out of reach. We don't expect to be able to help everyone, but at least we can help the person living next door to start and grow their business and in the process employ their struggling neighbours.

  • So how does it work in practice?

    We help you tackle youth unemployment and support small businesses by launching a custom labelled entrepreneurship academy that is completely free to anyone using it in your community.

    In other words there are no costs to the you, the municipality, or the community for using the technology (other than data costs).

    Steps to going live:
    1. Check out the link and then send (reply to this email) what you'd like to change (you might want different images, text, welcome message, logos, banners, etc). Link:
    2. Once we made any changes you want and you are happy with the look and feel of the academy then all you have to do is share the link to your entrepreneurship academy in your city. This can be done by social media, printing a couple of posters (e.g. in the library, in the municipal offices, a few participating stores, a couple of shops etc).
    3. That's it. We will keep you updated on progress.

  • About the courses

    All courses are free and designed to be used on a mobile phone in low bandwidth environments.

    The courses are based on our work supporting SMEs in over 83 countries and are very practical and designed to be consumed in short, bite-sized lessons usually lasting 3-6 mins each.

    Our focus is to help people in a practical manner immediately. All courses are free and your academy will automatically receive all new courses as we release them (we are scheduled to released 51 new courses this year alone).

    Anyone can sign up to your academy and once they have signed up (we only ask for basic information like name, surname, email and no confidential information) we take over all responsibilities in assisting the entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs), including support, guiding them etc in the platform.

    We will not sell anything to the entrepreneurs.

    What kind of courses can the student find?
    - How to find clients
    - How to start a business
    - How to grow their existing business
    - How to cope with difficult times as an entrepreneur
    - How to use technology for free to lower your costs
    - What to do if you have been retrenched
    - How to start a farm

  • Curious to know how this initiative started?

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