New Courses Lab

Here are some of the courses we are currently working on to give you a sense of what's to come!

  • How to turn your business around when things are not going well

  • How to understand what you are good at

  • Best practices, resources and templates (e.g. emails to write, thank you notes, etc)

  • How to be an amazing person - a course on timeless manners

  • How to carry yourself

  • Building a brand around yourself

  • How to plan your career

  • Managing your reputation

  • Networking

  • How to find investors

  • How to price your services and products

  • Understanding how money works

  • Fundamentals of money for small businesses

  • How to sell, a course for startups and SMEs wishing to sell to big companies

  • Selling to government. A course for Entrepreneurs

  • How to manage your business: A course in administration

  • Essential business formulas every entrepreneur should know

  • How to fund or finance your business

  • How to find an investor

  • How to be a great entrepreneur: lessons in humanity

  • How to reduce your costs and increase your profits while saving the world (in collaboration with WWF)

  • Common mistakes to avoid when starting and growing a business

  • How to close down your business without burning bridges

  • How to compete as a small business when you don't have the resources of your competitors

  • Deciding when to quit: knowing the difference between perseverance and stubbornness

  • Business models 101: ideas to make you think differently about your business model

  • How to turn your talent into a business

  • How to get started in the restaurant business

  • 250 businesses you can start to earn an income from (Uganda investment authority paper)

  • Knowing how to plan your exit: and why it matters more than you think

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