Getting your business noticed by an investor isn't easy...

... In this course we want to help you get "investor-ready"

So many entrepreneurs are looking for investors... But are you really investor-ready?

This is a course to help you and empower you with the understanding of how to increase the changes of being ready for investors. Perhaps you are ready, but if you are not at least you know what aspects of your business you can work on to get yourself ready for the day that you'll want to impress an investor.

You'll find lots of useful tips and perspectives to reflect on that might apply to your business or business idea. The lessons in this course are reflections and observations that Clive offers based on his extensive experience as a venture capitalist and investor and are there to help you understand what investors are looking for.

But the course will be also useful to those of you who just want to grow your business to a whole new level and want to learn what succesful businesses do.

We hope you enjoy it and - perhaps more importantly - that the insights shared will open your eyes to how you run your business and make empower you with the perspectives to take it to a whole new professional level.
Dr Kent Gustavson

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons

    1. Welcome!

    1. Great entrepreneurs spend time thinking before making decisions - the discipline of thinking time (a great read from today when I was sharpening my saw)

    2. Startup Life: Investing in your life matters

    3. I was reflecting on starting a startup and how tough it can be. If you have ever started a company you would most likely relate?

    4. Can the board fire the CEO? A great article by Jason Lemkin?

    5. ​Your Customers' Profitability is Your Startup's Future Health​

    6. The most important aspect to building a world class company is hiring and retaining a world class team: employees don’t churn when they are:

    7. How many meetings do you owe your investor (a SAASTR update)

    8. Basic skills that every entrepreneur needs to master

    9. The Importance of CAC Payback in Today’s Market Environment - LTV / CAC + CAC Payback

    10. World class founders know the difference between leaders and managers and what each brings to the team

    11. 9 Hacks to Have Happier Investors

    12. My top 10 characteristics of a great startup culture

    13. Here are some reasons why every founder wants to hire people who are better than themselves:

    14. Listening to your users early in the life of a product is a great way to build something that more and more people use and pay for.

    15. How Do Highly Successful People Keep Themselves Motivated Every Day

    16. Entrepreneurs need to face the new reality on valuations. It’s a blood bath for tech companies

    17. The 10 biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs

    18. Employee vs entrepreneurial mindset

    19. How Do you deal With Investors that are unhappy with your startup?

    20. Tech entrepreneurs need to understand their moat is not their product but their distribution channels:

    21. The role of a product manager in a tech company is often misunderstood - what it should be

    22. How to become an effective CEO?

    23. If you don’t keep innovating—your product will go stale. And somebody will come out with a better product and displace you

    24. What should you focus on during the early stages of your startup?

    25. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I received during my entrepreneurial journey

    26. A summary of what every startup founder needs to acknowledge

    27. A great truth of building a startup

    28. A great quote from one of the most successful SAAS founders in the USA

    29. The difference between and entrepreneur and an engineer.

    30. The genius Elon Musk has spoken - a most insightful infographic

    31. How to Win Friends and Influence People

    32. A great article I read on achieving product market fit (PMF).

    33. These lessons are key to your success whatever path you choose

    34. There is a big difference between a leader and a manager.

    35. Most entrepreneurs don’t know the difference between a 1% and 99% path to success

    36. My number one criteria for investing in a startup, is the is the team only having A players

    37. What are the top things founders should know about fundraising from VCs?

    38. An article on 10 habits only 1% of people do to be successful.

    39. An interesting observation, about the perfect storm for venture investing worldwide

    40. “What a Market Downturn Means for Startups”

    41. “How to Prepare Yourself to Be a Great CEO”

    42. Hiring your next VP for any part of your startup

    43. ‘Let’s talk about what you don’t have to get right to start a business’

    44. Building a SAAS startup

    45. Some of the best pieces of business advice I was ever given

    46. One of Jason Lemkin’s key pieces of advice for entrepreneur

    47. Great lessons I learnt from one on my venture investors mentor and have experienced myself

    48. Some no-no’s when it comes to funding a startup

    49. The 12 rules of life

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