Starting and growing a business is not easy

Every entrepreneur worth their salt is bound to suffer one or many failures along the path

Yet most entrepreneurs think it only happens to them.

This is a course to help you learn from other people's journey, how they handled the inevitable tough times and how it grew them as a person and as a business.

The course may not solve all your problems, but knowing that others have gone through what you are (or will) go through will go a long way to help you cope with the situation.

Course curriculum

an overview of all the lessons

    1. Introduction: why I developed this course and how it will assist you

    2. What I wish I had known before I began my journey as an entrepreneur

    3. Unlocking the wisdom in your distress: as hard as it may appear at the time it is possible to make lemonade out of lemons

    4. Helping you to unlock the wisdom in your distress

    1. How to navigate when the world is putting you (and your ideas) in a box

    2. How to find new ways of doing things when things are constantly changing

    3. How to speak your truth when no one else is

    4. How to embrace the unknown when the unexpected hits you

    5. How to break a cycle of secrecy and shame

    6. How to follow your gut when pain and grief show up

    7. How to use professional challenges for personal insight

    8. How to listen for deeper symbolic wisdom within your distress

    9. How to balance an extraordinary vision with practical daily actions

    1. A little thank you and a little message to help you on your journey...

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


The course is our gift to you. Because your success matter!