Life can be tough

But you are not alone

I've created this little course as a gift to my children and grandchildren. I wanted to take all the lessons I've gone through in life and make them available to my family and - perhaps - others who might find my perspectives useful.

In this course I will share with you approaches, ideas and perspectives that shaped me over the last 60 years that hopefully will help you in this amazing journey called life.


Course curriculum

    1. Why I created this course for you and what you can expect

    1. Advice about discovering what makes you happy

    2. Advice on understanding who you really are

    1. Learning how to handle life's pressures

    2. How to stand up to your parents and friends: finding your independence

    3. Dealing with life when things don't go according to plan

    4. How to cope with stress and anxiety

    5. How to cope when bad things happen

    1. Lessons about money

    2. Advice on how to build an income

    3. Advice on finding a job and building a career

    4. How to manage temptations

    5. Advice about starting a business

    6. Advice on understanding real success vs appearance of success

    7. How to cope when the funds run out

    1. On falling in love

    2. On building a family

    3. On dealing with breakups, divorce or death

    4. Advice on being alone

    5. Dealing with the feeling of being stuck in a relationship

    6. Advice on working on your relationship

    7. On learning how to communicate

    1. Advice on constantly working on yourself

    2. Advice about what to pursue in life and what not to

    3. Advice on how to judge yourself... final words

About this course

  • Free
  • 27 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Your life instructor....

Ronen Goren

Ronen Goren has 3 wonderful children and is married to the amazing Ronit, the love of his life. He lives his life on his own terms as a non-conformist. He doesn't look for approval in life and is on a continuos journey of seeking consciouness in everything he does. He owns his own business.

His life philosophy is: don't seek answers but rather seek to find the right questions. Questions open far more doors than answers in the quest for self-acceptance, understanding and consciousness. He's particularly passionate about helping himself and others come to the awareness of true self-acceptance.