Life can be tough

But you are not alone

I've created this little course as a gift to my children. I wanted to take all the lessons I've gone through in life and make them available to my children and my grandchildren and - perhaps - others who might find wisdom useful.

In this course I will share with you approaches, ideas and perspectives that hopefully will help you in this amazing journey called life.


Course curriculum

    1. Why I created this...

    1. Who are you?

    2. What makes you happy?

    3. What do you want from life?

    1. Handling life's pressure

    2. Standing up to your parents and friends: finding your independence

    3. Dealing with life when things don't go according to plan

    4. How to cope with stress

    5. When bad things happen

    1. Lessons about money

    2. Knowing what you need vs what you want: how to resist temptations

    3. Building an income: advice about finding a job, building a career or starting a business

    1. Falling in love

    2. Building a family

    3. On dealing with breakups, divorce or death

    4. Advice on being alone

    5. Dealing with the feeling of being stuck in a relationship

    1. Final words of wisdom

About this course

  • Free
  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Get started now...

... let my experiences help you in your journey

Your life instructor....

Bongi Magolego

I am Bongi Magolego, known as Miss B, daughter of the late Tlali Phillip and Nomalanga Lydia MAgolego. I have been graced to be a mother to my handsome boy Uyazile and cute princess Oreneile.

I founded "Covnersations with Miss B", a non profit organisation aimed at alleviating and addressing the plight of young girls and women in society and the challenges they face.

I am a speaker, life coach facilitator and financial advisor. My life philosophy is simply: "I'm just a girl with a dream. Adream of impacting young women into believing that it's possible to turn their dreams into reality, and in so doing that I am be able to live mine."